Parent Resources

If your kids are reading The Story for Kids, you can download The Story for Families for discussion questions that you can utilize with your older kids during the journey.  The guide is divided into three reading sections per chapter.

Below you will find the “Parent Page” for you to print and share with your kids.  We will have one for the Squirts (pre-school), Kidsplash! K12 (Kinder through 2nd Grades) and also one for Kidsplash! 345 (3rd through 5th Grades). For teenagers, you can refer to the discussion questions at the back of The Story (organized by chapter).

Chapter 20 :: The Queen of Beauty and Courage
Squirts_20         Kidsplash! K12_20          Kidsplash! 345_20

Chapter 19 :: The Return Home
Squirts_19          Kidsplash! K12_19          Kidsplash! 345_19

Chapter 18 :: Daniel in Exile
Squirts_18          Kidsplash! K12_18          Kidsplash! 345_18

Chapter 17 :: The Kingdoms’ Fall
Squirts_17          Kidsplash! K12_17          Kidsplash! 345_17

Chapter 16 :: The Beginning of the End (of the Kingdom of Israel)
Squirts_16          Kidsplash! K12_16          Kidsplash! 345_16

Chapter 15 :: God’s Messengers
Squirts_15          Kidsplash! K12_15          Kidsplash! 345_15

Chapter 14 :: A Kingdom Torn in Two
Squirts_14          Kidsplash! K12_14          Kidsplash! 345_14

Chapter 13 :: The King Who Had It All
Squirts_13          Kidsplash! K12_13           Kidsplash! 345_13

Chapter 12 :: The Trials of a King
Squirts_12          Kidsplash! K12_12          Kidsplash! 345_12

Chapter 11 :: From Shepherd to King
Squirts_11          Kidsplash! K12_11          Kidsplash! 345_11

Chapter 10 :: Standing Tall, Falling Hard
Squirts_10          Kidsplash! K12_10          Kidsplash! 345_10

Chapter 9 :: The Faith of a Foreign Woman
Squirts_09          Kidsplash! K12_09          Kidsplash! 345_09

Chapter 8 :: A Few Good Men…and Women
Squirts_08          Kidsplash! K12_08         Kidsplash! 345_08

Chapter 7 :: The Battle Begins
Squirts_07          Kidsplash! K12_07          Kidsplash! 345_07

Chapter 6 :: Wandering
Squirts_06          Kidsplash! K12_06          Kidsplash! 345_06

Chapter 5 :: New Commands and a New Covenant
Squirts_05          Kidsplash! K12_05          Kidsplash! 345_05

Chapter 4 :: Deliverance
Squirts_04          Kidsplash! K12_04         Kidsplash! 345_04

Chapter 3 :: Joseph: From Slave to Deputy Pharaoh
Squirts_03          Kidpsplash! K12_03         Kidsplash! 345_03 

Chapter 2 :: God Builds a Nation
Squirts 2            Kisplash! K12 2              Kidsplash! 345 2

Chapter 1 :: Creation: The Beginning of Life as We Know It
Squirts            Kisplash! K12               Kidsplash! 345


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