Summer Reading Book is Revealed…

Well, for all of you who asked, here is the first book for Springs Summer Reading. Matt Mikalatos is a funny and insightful writer. I haven’t read this one, but I did read My Imaginary Jesus. His wit is quick and the pace is too. You can go around and read a lot about this book, but I don’t suggest doing that. Read it first, then go check out what others say about it. I’m not reading any reviews early.

So, get your book and let’s have a little fun this summer together. You can get the book at the Amazon Kindle Store. You can also get audio version from iTunes. If you want to go pick it up, call around but Barnes & Noble had it at one time. Get it now because I’ll start posting after June 3!


One thought on “Summer Reading Book is Revealed…

  1. Hey friends! I’m really excited that you’re reading my book this summer. Quick note: there’s not an audio book for this book yet! If you buy from iTunes it’s their iBook format (an ebook). Have fun, and let me know if you want to talk with me about the book!

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