Chapter 28 :: Drill Down with a Friend

Some of you know Trent Henderson. He is the pastor at Heritage Park Baptist Church and a great friend of our church. He is on our ministry board and has been an advocate for our church plant over the past several years. Trent has been leading his people through a broad reading of the bible this spring (I think we inspired him) and their series is called Tree of Life. Last Sunday, both of our churches found ourselves at the same point in the Story. Trent’s emphasis for the morning was a little different than mine, so I wanted to give you a chance to listen to his teaching. So, if you are inclined to dig a little deeper into the story of Pentecost and the filling of the Holy Spirit in the book of Acts, check this out. Trent did a great job and I just wanted to share it with friends…

Sunday, April 15 Message at Heritage Park Baptist Church (Trent Henderson)

Thanks Trent for your partnership and for your faithfulness to teach the whole word of God to the people of HPBC…and to some of us.


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