Sacrilege :: Finding Life in the Irreligious Ways of Jesus

Yesterday, we began our new teaching series called Sacrilege. Why Sacrilege? Glad you asked. DOWNLOAD THE AUDIO FILES HERE.

It’s possible for us to hold a view of Jesus that is religious but not biblical. If we are going to follow this man, we must know the man. Our goal is to sift through some of the inaccurate views of Jesus to get to the truth as described in the bible. Once we discard the religion from our faith, we will do our best to secure what is most important and begin to follow him. To follow him to the places where he would go, with the people he would go there with and giving away the love that he came to give. We do this to bring sight where there is blindness, hearing where there is deafness, hope where there is hopelessness and freedom where there are captives.

Following Jesus is following a person, not a religion…and that changes everything.


So...what do you think?

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