Day 3 :: Behold the Lamb of God

A few months ago, we read a story about a man named Abraham, who took his son Isaac up on a mountain as a sacrifice to God. Abraham had faith that no matter how it looked, he could trust God’s character and that God would provide a lamb for him. Then we read about the night that God delivered the Israelites from Egypt, and they were to sacrifice a choice lamb and then spread the blood on the doorframe of their home so God’s judgement agains the Egyptians would passover them. When God then wanted to dwell with the Israelites, in the middle of them, he instated a sacrificial system, which was a means of dealing with their sins at that time and would continue up until the Ultimate Lamb of God was provided.

Just reflecting on those stories gives us a perspective on the coming of Jesus. In John 1:29-30, John is speaking to the people about the one who is greater than he, when Jesus walks up. “The very next day John saw Jesus coming toward him and yelled out, “Here he is, God’s Passover Lamb! He forgives the sins of the world! This is the man I’ve been talking about.” John understood this great truth about Jesus – He is the Ultimate Passover Lamb of God. His sacrifice would be the sacrifice to end all sacrifices, the sin offering to pay for all sins – past, present and future. The birth of Jesus is celebrated because the death of Jesus is everything. Apart from his death, burial and resurrection, the birth would mean nothing. For this reason, we cannot celebrate the birth without staring into his resurrection. His resurrection brought life and light to man. This is why the world stops down to celebrate the birth of this baby.


So...what do you think?

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