Day 5 :: It Was Not a Silent Night

I am not a man of many traditions, but every Christmas one thing that I do is reflect on the reality of Mary’s (and Joseph’s) situation. When I was in college, I read a book by Ken Gire called “Intimate Moments with the Savior.” This book opened my eyes to the audacity of what Mary was asked to do by delivering the Son of God into this world. This song took me to that place again this year and a few lines in particular stood out to me.

“It was not a silent night” – I know we all like to sing this song at Christmas and for some of you that may be your favorite song, but it was not a silent night. It was crowded in the city and it was crowded at the house where they ended up getting a basement room which was reserved for animals. In terms of volume the night was probably anything but silent, but in terms of pomp and circumstance there could not have been a quieter night. There were no trumpets, there were no big celebrations. God entered the world in the form of a baby, not the King everyone expected.

“So he held her and he prayed/Shafts of moonlight on his face/But the baby in her womb/ He was the maker of the moon/He was the Author of the faith/That could make the mountains move” – My friend Trent and I were wondering together yesterday how little awareness Mary probably had that night about the significance of this baby cracking his way into this world, leaving his throne in heaven for a dusty-floored basement. Here thoughts were probably much like every mother’s on the birth day of their children, “Does he have all his fingers and toes? Is he breathing right? Will he latch on?” Sure she thought he would change the world, doesn’t every mother?

Have you ever taken some time just to reflect on the reality of that night? Have you ever put yourself in their shoes and felt some of what they might have been feeling? Take some time today and I hope this song helps you like it helped me.


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