Day 6 :: It Came To Pass

Reunions. We all have them, but not all of us attend them. Sometimes they are for high school, other times for family and sometimes they are just events that draw people back to a place they once shared. During the reign of Caesar, a census often forced such a reunion. Joseph was a man who had left home and moved away, but at the time of this census, he had to go back to Bethlehem. It was a reunion.

Reunions carry baggage. Anytime you see a group of people you haven’t seen for an extended period of time, feelings and memories surface…some good and some not so good. As much as memories can trigger anxiety, so can current circumstances. Imagine heading back home in Joseph’s situation. He had a pregnant fiancé, which wouldn’t be such an issue today, but for him this was scandalous. After all his fiancé was pregnant by someone else! This was a scandal in his own heart and would sure be a source of pain in Bethlehem.  He wanted to skip town and go away, but a dream changed his direction.

Joseph then make the “noblest” decision and married young Mary and they made their way to Bethlehem in their Cadillac Escalade…okay, on their donkey. While both of them knew that this pregnancy was special…divine even, I tend to doubt that they realized how special it was. This baby would bring a Kingdom and the old covenant they were born into was about to pass away.



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