Day 9 :: Deliver Us

In our story leading up to Christmas Day, we now find the Israelites in their Promised Land, but things are not right. They aren’t bound by chains and don’t have an oppressor like the pharaoh in Egypt, but they are no less bound. Their bondage is their own doing. They’ve made their own mistakes and now they are crying out for God to deliver them. They know the promise of the prophets that there will be a deliverer coming and in this song, I hear the longing for his coming.

Living where we live, this plight is often our own. We aren’t slaves and we don’t have chains, but we are no less bound and imprisoned. We are bound by what others think of us. We are bound by expectations. We are imprisoned by past mistakes. Our chains are made of the crap that has happened in our lives, whether done to us or done by us. In the middle of our shackles, we cry out for our Deliverer as well. We know we can’t right this ship on our own and we need someone to help. We cry out, “Deliver us, deliver us, Oh Yahweh, hear our cry and gather us beneath your wings tonight.”

This is the anticipation that preceded the birth of Jesus. These were the cries of multiple generations. Maybe it’s your cry this season as well. Maybe that thing that has you in its grip is finally too much to bear. Your cry is the same as the Israelites. Your Deliverer has come and is offering freedom to you.

If you’d like to talk to someone about your situation face to face, you can email me directly and we can set something up.


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