Day 10 :: So Long Moses

As we walked through the journey of The Story this fall, we witnessed a people getting restless with the plan of God. From leader to leader, each one failed to be everything they needed. As the Israelites left Canaan and headed into the Promised Land, we thought it might change with Joshua, but it did not. The people wanted a king, just like all the countries that they had defeated (really now?). So God gave them a king. Saul started well, but finished poorly, but this ushered in the kingship of David. The best king Israel would have…for a while. That’s pretty much where we stopped in our journey, but we will see that this is definitely not where The Story ends. After the kingdom is ripped apart, the prophets will tell the people of Israel about another king…an ultimate king. The people will want to know if he will come like David came…that’s their reference point.  They want another king as good as David. “Will he be a king on a throne, full of power, with a sword in his fist? Prophet, tell us will there be another king like this? Full of wisdom, full of strength; the hearts of the people are his. Prophet, tell us will there be another king like this?”

Isaiah tells them something very different, though. “He’ll bear no beauty or glory. Rejected, despised, a man of such sorrow. We’ll cover our eyes. He’ll take up our sickness, carry our tears. For his people, he will be pierced. He’ll be crushed for our evils, our punishment feel. By his wounds we’ll be healed, we will be healed. From you, O Bethlehem, small among Judah, a ruler will come, ancient and strong.”

This king is the King we celebrate. This king is the King of Kings. Better than David, but different than David. Our knowledge of the Christmas Story, gives us a peek into what Isaiah was telling them – not a king in glory or beauty, but one who was rejected and despised. This King dealt the final blow to death without ever raising a sword. His wounds healed our wounds. This King is worthy to be danced before, worthy to raise our hands to, worthy to trust with our lives because he gave his.

As you dance about your day today, may your soul be tuned to the song of this story.



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