Chapter 8 :: Recap/Review (Notes/Audio from Sunday)

To listen to the teaching from Sunday click here.  I have provided my notes from yesterday as a recap of our time together.

Opening: First thought that comes to mind when you hear “judge.”

Rewind: It has been 700 years since God promised Abram this land.

People: Oppressors, time oppressed and judge to rescue on the screen:

  • Mesopotamians     8 years        Othniel
  • Moabites              18 years        Ehud
  • Canaanites          20 years        Deborah
  • Midianites              7 years        Gideon
  • Ammonites          18 years        Jephthah
  • Philistines            40 years        Samson
             TOTAL    111 YEARS

The Story

Israel Makes 2 Mistakes after Conquering the Land – Josh 1

  1. Not Driving Out all Canaanites – leads to idolatry (1:28)

Appl: Our environment can influence us toward wrong

  1. Not Teaching their Children about God (2:10)

Appl: Xnty is only one generation away from extinction

2 Reasons God Raises Up the  Judges

  1. God had blessed Israel and wants other nations to know Him.
  2. God powerfully intervenes when his people cry out to him.

(Othniel – Mesopotamians; Ehud – Moabites; Deborah – Canaanites; Gideon – Midianites; Jephthah – Ammorites; Samson – Philistines)

Upper Story/Lower Story

In the upper story, the surrounding nations are now watching with their eyes wide open how God deals graciously and justly with the nation of Israel. They see how God disciplines them according to his law, and how God intervenes and takes them back when they cry out for help. This reveals the character of God and sends a loud message: God is personal and involved in their daily lives.  They sin, they are oppressed, they cry out and repent, then God delivers them.  This cycle is repeated over and over for the Israelites…and us today.


Point: Christianity is only one generation away from extinction. To not sit down with our children and teach them the stories of God’s ways is a huge and costly mistake. That’s why we’re committed as a church to putting a copy of The Story into the hands of every family in the church, and we’re urging parents to sit down with your kids and read them The Story, and tell them how the story is affecting their life and journey with God.

Point: Identify which stage of the cycle best applies to your life now.


  1. I’m chasing the wrong thing right now.
  2. I have mixed up priorities.
  3. I have an addiction or an addictive personality and it has captured me.
  4. I keep mistreating other people.


  1. My relationship with God has been affected.
  2. I am destroying my relationships with others.
  3. It is affecting or will affect my physical and emotional health.
  4. It is affecting or will affect me financially.

Repentance: At this stage, you identify you’re in sin or oppression, so you have two choices:

  1. I am not ready to come clean with God.
  2. I am ready to come clean with God right now.

Deliverance: Out of a broken heart of repentance, God can deliver us. God keeps taking you back.


So...what do you think?

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