Chapter 2 :: God Builds a Nation

We’ve all seen stories on the news about the fighting between Israel and Palestine.  We studied our world history and learned about the holocaust.  We may have heard preachers talk about the sovereignty of Israel.  We may even know that Jesus was a Jewish carpenter.  But have we ever stopped to see who the Israelites really are?  Where are they from?  How did they get here?

Understanding who the Israelites is critical to our understanding the Story.  On page 13, the Story starts chapter two with a bridge text (this is the italicized text in the book that summarizes the events between the actual text)…

Only God can fix the mess made by Adam and Eve’s sin, and he starts with a man named Abraham.  God promises Abraham more descendants than he can count.  This one man’s offspring will play a huge part in God’s plan to save the world.
There’s just one problem:  Abraham and his wife are way past childbearing age…

What were you taught about the Israelites growing up?  How do they fit in to the rest of the Story?


2 thoughts on “Chapter 2 :: God Builds a Nation

  1. Stan, I think the Upper Story of all the explicit detail given about time and numbers for the ark were given to show us that even architects from A&M had a place…

  2. Nothing of the “religious” type here, but I’m just gonna tell you – those folks were some marrying and child making types for sure! Another goofy thing I noticed was the explicit detail given about time and numbers in the Noah / Flood / Ark miracle. What id God want us to learn from such explicit detail of dates?

    I’m digging the “story” part and how it works chronologically.

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